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Month: July, 2012

Lush Solid Shampoo Bar in Sceanik

I love love love this solid shampoo bar from Lush which is why this is a repurchase. It is quite quirky in its conception and when mentioning or recommending it to friends or family I always expect the usual reply, ‘Did you just say SOLID Shampoo BAR?’. I was sceptical at first but after watching and reading reviews I was confident enough to give it ago. I have never been a fan of Lush products in the past and their shops can be really over whelming both in terms of sight and smell, where to begin?

This particular shampoo bar is designed to give body as one of the key ingredients is salt and seaweed helps to keep hair soft. One of the best things about this product is that it leaves your hair feeling very clean and yet when you blow dry your hair you definitely still feel the benefits of using a formulated product. Also, as it is a solid bar and not a liquid it makes the perfect travel shampoo providing you purchase one of the metal tins too. I used this when travelling to France recently and had no problems with leakages.

However, here are the disadvantages which I am not sure if other people have experienced. I was advised to purchase a tin to stop the product from melting but when I was travelling with it I noticed that it had gone slimy and a blue like gel had emerged around the edge of the bar. This may be because there was a little water left in the tin after showering so I am going to be super careful with this one!


Wise Summer Beauty Spending Plus A Mini Dilema

It’s pay-day time again for most of us and as it is summer I am eager to rush out to the stores to purchase or re-purchase items which I’ve been craving. But, as a university student as well I’m all to aware that wasting away my pay cheque is not a good idea so I need to spend wisely. Buying staple items which I know work and spending less on products I want to try on a trial basis is my main aim. So before I grab my car keys I have decided on making a list:

As you can see I have been having a little debate over whether or not to buy a Concealer Kit from Benefit which includes a primer, erase paste, brushes and concealer products or just go for the full size concealer they do. There is quite a price difference and I want to make this a good decision as I want to really like Benefit products. So if anyone can help make this decision easier for me you are welcome!

However, I have decided on some products which I have tried and tested and know that they are worth the price tag since I do not want to waste money on a few cheaper but possibly regrettable purchases. The La Roche Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel is my must have summer facial wash, it cleansers, purifies, mattes, and reduced any spots and oil. It lasts for a really long time too which for a daily use product is great. The Clinique Mascara as I said in my Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty Tag I received free in a magazine and as long as the formula and brush has not changed in the full size I am positive that I will be fine with this purchase. This leaves me with money for clothing and other necessities but I wanted to make a blog post that speaks to you the reader. We all know that the economy is not great and although I am not one for pessimism we do need to make smart purchasing decisions even on brands we would do anything to own. So don’t be afraid to purchase a great staple product from a brand, as long as you do you research- either trial it out from a sample or a free bee or read read read the reviews. There is no full proof guarantee for any product but doing your research will not hurt.

Take A Break?

As it is now the summer and for those with families the children have broken up from school for the year and it is now the summer holidays. Deciding what to do in these months of (fingers crossed) sun we can chose to do many different things. For me personally it is a time to let go of stress and focus on myself. As a history student I have been opened up to a whole new world of studying and one of these new studies has been social history. I have been fascinated with how holidays and time off began and what people of the first ‘summer holiday’ thought to do in this time off. For England, the nineteenth century was one of change and development of the Industrial Revolution beginning in the late eighteenth century. Working hours increased but there was a general understanding that an emphasis on the nuclear family was necessary for England and therefore more children went to school and the weekend, bank holidays took on a new meaning.

So what does this all have to do with beauty? Well by the early 20th Century the world saw the rise of fashion brands such as Chanel (1909)  and Dior (1946). Now these brands were and still are high end brands, names which probably never left the lips of an average family in Industrial Britain. Women of the eighteenth to nineteenth century would rely on natural products and home made beauty recipes. Some interesting ones I have found including face whitening creams including milk, lemon juice and white brandy!!

I love how the women of England and indeed throughout Europe had their own ways of re-creating a cheaper version of the expensive lotions and potions sold to the upper classes. It makes it all very real when walking into a department store now and be able to think of the journey these amazing high fashion brands have gone and how they have inspired others to join in the world of beauty!

Summer Shea Butter?

I adore Shea Butter but when it comes to deep moisturising in the summer I get somewhat stuck.  But thankfully L’occitane have a formula of making Shea Butter sink into the skin without making your skin overly greasy. Both of these products are must haves both beside your shower and in your handbag.


I feel I should look deeper into Shea Butter and how and where it comes from. Through simple research, L’occitane source their Shea butter  from  Burkina Faso, Africa which has been a staple beauty secret for generations. I love how this simple product has transformed the beauty industry into what really works. But its uses have spread wider in history and have even been used as a protective layer for sacred sculptures along with, erm blood! The Ancient Mali Empire which expanded over the 13th to the 17th Century was a West African Empire and it is fascinating that even as early as 1200 they recognised the protective properties of Shea Butter.

Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty Tag

I’ve seen this tag everywhere on YouTube and on blogs and so I am so excited to finally be able to do the Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty Tag.

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Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish + Skin Tonic Review

Liz Earle are possibly my favourite skin care brand which I have tried, tested, rambled on about and recommended to friends. A British brand started by Liz Earle have produced some outstanding skin care products which work on a variety of skin types and ages. In this review I am looking at two of the products I currently own which are staples in my skin care routine which are the Cleanse and Polish and the Instant Boost Skin Tonic. Read the rest of this entry »

DIY Saturday, Home made Nail Art

So for my weekend post I thought I would share with you a fun, quick and really wearable little nail art trick I learnt from YouTube. I cannot believe I have only just found this out so I thought I would do a quick tutorial and give you a little something to do on your weekend. The weather has not been great for the U.K recently so these do it yourself nail stickers will hopefully add a little something brighter to the otherwise gloomy weather! Read the rest of this entry »

Coralista Blush by Benefit Review

I have been absolutely raving about this blush to anyone who will listen recently so I thought, why not on my blog too? As my first ever Benefit purchase I have to say I am extremely happy with it. I was recommended this by a friend from university and she looks fantastic with this so I thought I would give it a go. The packaging is bright, fun and compliments Benefit’s other products and really stands out from my other pieces of make-up. Opened up there is a great little flat brush and a built in mirror which is always a nice touch when applying if you are travelling or out and about. I was pleasantly surprised with the scent of this blush which I’m pretty sure is a design feature as it smells fruity and definitely reminded me of the name ‘Coralista’. The colour is super pigmented and suits many skin tones and gives a gorgeous glow to both pale skin and tanned ones. I love how this blush looks and is an essential for any summer look.

I always love to see how far products have come from the early days of make-up and have been adoring old posters of 1920s advertisement for Rouge. How far we have come from aspirational images targeted toward the middle and upper classes of society to more affordable products today available in almost every department store to your local supermarket. However, there is some truth in that spending that little extra to get a good product is worth it and at £23.50 for this blush it is definitely a splurge.

L’occitane Mousse De Roses Shower Gel Review

As you can tell from the bottle which I have owned for a little over a month now I am absolutely in love with this shower gel. This expertly created Rose scented piece of shower heaven comes from a favourite beauty brand of mine which is L’occitane. The French company are famous for producing high quality soaps, perfumes, creams and other bathing beauties which are backed up by three main commitments: Authenticity, Sensoriality and Respect. I love how far this shower gel goes even living in a hard water area I get a good lather out of it. I also love how it lasts as a sent on my body for a good few hours so this is definitely my summer favourite shower gel. Read the rest of this entry »

Allow me to introduce myself

Hello there!

As a lover of history I’m well aware that introductions are pretty important and although having thought about this post a lot I’m still finding the correct words to write.  So I’ll start simply by introducing myself. My name is Emily and I absolutely love all things to do with beauty and am particularly interested in how it has developed, transformed and transcended into what is now an established art form. I hope to review and inform you of some of my favourite beauty products as well as adding some interesting links to history. So please join me on my journey of what I hope will be fun for what ever aspect of beauty or history you are interested in.