L’occitane Mousse De Roses Shower Gel Review

by beautyofhistory

As you can tell from the bottle which I have owned for a little over a month now I am absolutely in love with this shower gel. This expertly created Rose scented piece of shower heaven comes from a favourite beauty brand of mine which is L’occitane. The French company are famous for producing high quality soaps, perfumes, creams and other bathing beauties which are backed up by three main commitments: Authenticity, Sensoriality and Respect. I love how far this shower gel goes even living in a hard water area I get a good lather out of it. I also love how it lasts as a sent on my body for a good few hours so this is definitely my summer favourite shower gel.

But let’s get into what makes this shower gel stand out from other Rose scented and based products. Firstly, L’occitane are proud to keep the historical connection of why their essential ingredients are so popular. Rose is quintessentially French in its name but L’occitane trace their ingredients from Morocco, Bulgaria, Turkey and within the French commune in Grasse. But the uses of Rose have a long and interesting historical connection and has become synonymous with the phrase ‘the queen of flowers’. No wonder why I used a beautiful rose found in a First World War memorial in France as my header.

During the middle ages the Rose flower had medicinal purposes as Monks and apothecaries have been known to treat head pains with it. However, the refined and beautiful skill of turning roses into romantic and sensual shower gels is a multi-faceted story.  Whether the invention of the aeroplane, the refinement of shipping or the purpose of empires are the major reason for why I and many others enjoy their morning shower is up to debate.  But I guess that is just the beauty of history.