DIY Saturday, Home made Nail Art

by beautyofhistory

So for my weekend post I thought I would share with you a fun, quick and really wearable little nail art trick I learnt from YouTube. I cannot believe I have only just found this out so I thought I would do a quick tutorial and give you a little something to do on your weekend. The weather has not been great for the U.K recently so these do it yourself nail stickers will hopefully add a little something brighter to the otherwise gloomy weather!

The Elle Red by Mavala, Maximum Growth Daily Nail Treatment by Sally Hansen and tweezers by QVS

So let’s jump into everything!

You will need very little to complete this look. Grab a clear plastic sandwich bag. With your desired nail colour make ‘v’ shapes on the bag which will start to look like heart shapes. Do not worry if some of them do not turn out right, that is why practice makes perfect!

Wait approximately 30-40 minutes for them to dry thoroughly. Peel off each nail design and set aside. Coat your nails with a base coat or colour and with tweezers carefully apply each nail design to your nails! Perfect weekend nail look!

In my first year as a history undergraduate I have been fascinated by the 19th century and have learnt that beauty products quickly became desirable luxuries. Department stores throughout Europe sprung up such as Le Bon Marche in 1850 (not to be confused with Bonmarche)  in France and Harrods in London by 1834. Nail products were among these desirables in a quest to become ever more beautiful. Cutex is known for invented the refined nail polish in 1917 and since then have been strong competition in the market.