Summer Shea Butter?

by beautyofhistory

I adore Shea Butter but when it comes to deep moisturising in the summer I get somewhat stuck.  But thankfully L’occitane have a formula of making Shea Butter sink into the skin without making your skin overly greasy. Both of these products are must haves both beside your shower and in your handbag.


I feel I should look deeper into Shea Butter and how and where it comes from. Through simple research, L’occitane source their Shea butter  from  Burkina Faso, Africa which has been a staple beauty secret for generations. I love how this simple product has transformed the beauty industry into what really works. But its uses have spread wider in history and have even been used as a protective layer for sacred sculptures along with, erm blood! The Ancient Mali Empire which expanded over the 13th to the 17th Century was a West African Empire and it is fascinating that even as early as 1200 they recognised the protective properties of Shea Butter.