Wise Summer Beauty Spending Plus A Mini Dilema

by beautyofhistory

It’s pay-day time again for most of us and as it is summer I am eager to rush out to the stores to purchase or re-purchase items which I’ve been craving. But, as a university student as well I’m all to aware that wasting away my pay cheque is not a good idea so I need to spend wisely. Buying staple items which I know work and spending less on products I want to try on a trial basis is my main aim. So before I grab my car keys I have decided on making a list:

As you can see I have been having a little debate over whether or not to buy a Concealer Kit from Benefit which includes a primer, erase paste, brushes and concealer products or just go for the full size concealer they do. There is quite a price difference and I want to make this a good decision as I want to really like Benefit products. So if anyone can help make this decision easier for me you are welcome!

However, I have decided on some products which I have tried and tested and know that they are worth the price tag since I do not want to waste money on a few cheaper but possibly regrettable purchases. The La Roche Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel is my must have summer facial wash, it cleansers, purifies, mattes, and reduced any spots and oil. It lasts for a really long time too which for a daily use product is great. The Clinique Mascara as I said in my Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty Tag I received free in a magazine and as long as the formula and brush has not changed in the full size I am positive that I will be fine with this purchase. This leaves me with money for clothing and other necessities but I wanted to make a blog post that speaks to you the reader. We all know that the economy is not great and although I am not one for pessimism we do need to make smart purchasing decisions even on brands we would do anything to own. So don’t be afraid to purchase a great staple product from a brand, as long as you do you research- either trial it out from a sample or a free bee or read read read the reviews. There is no full proof guarantee for any product but doing your research will not hurt.