Lush Solid Shampoo Bar in Sceanik

by beautyofhistory

I love love love this solid shampoo bar from Lush which is why this is a repurchase. It is quite quirky in its conception and when mentioning or recommending it to friends or family I always expect the usual reply, ‘Did you just say SOLID Shampoo BAR?’. I was sceptical at first but after watching and reading reviews I was confident enough to give it ago. I have never been a fan of Lush products in the past and their shops can be really over whelming both in terms of sight and smell, where to begin?

This particular shampoo bar is designed to give body as one of the key ingredients is salt and seaweed helps to keep hair soft. One of the best things about this product is that it leaves your hair feeling very clean and yet when you blow dry your hair you definitely still feel the benefits of using a formulated product. Also, as it is a solid bar and not a liquid it makes the perfect travel shampoo providing you purchase one of the metal tins too. I used this when travelling to France recently and had no problems with leakages.

However, here are the disadvantages which I am not sure if other people have experienced. I was advised to purchase a tin to stop the product from melting but when I was travelling with it I noticed that it had gone slimy and a blue like gel had emerged around the edge of the bar. This may be because there was a little water left in the tin after showering so I am going to be super careful with this one!