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Month: August, 2012


Sorry for the delay in this post, computer troubles have rendered me blogless!

Honey, possibly one of the oldest and most adored, valued and used sweet foods in history. It pre-dates human existence and the humble bee is an adored insect. Its uses in beauty are also significant as the recipe for a clarifying mask will demonstrate below.


To make a quick and effective mask simply add two tablespoons of honey to approximately one and half tablespoons of brown sugar. Simply mix and apply onto a clean face. Alternatively, if you do not like masks you can always use this as a scrub!


Summer Fragrance

A summer fragrance can be as important as making a great memory. Our senses are one of the most stored and remembered memories and so I believe having a scent to your summer is essential. I have a few great fragrances but this one at least to me is unique and every time I use it I think back to great memories:

Fleur Cherie Roll on Eau de Toilette Intense by Loccitane. This for me was the scent which not only ignited my love for L’occitane but also my passion for floral fragrances. I remember receiving a hand cream in this scent free in a magazine about a year ago and as so as I moved the tube to my face I knew I had found my number one floral scent. Not only do I love this perfume for the scent by I love the size I purchased this in. All to often I purchase the spray version of a perfume and love it but realise it does not have the staying power of the intense perfume. I get so many compliments when I where this and it comes in handy when I need to pick myself up or after a hot day to freshen up.  I cannot rave enough about this perfume and I hope that I can still repurchase this in the future.

As Loccitane rightly point out there is some great history linked to this fragrance. Its beginnings in the Mediterranean have meant that the Orange blossom is considered such a beauty ritual in the same ways in which Rose is or Jasmine. A quote from Loccitane itself really reinforces why I agree that a scent can be an important memory:

‘The fragrant magic of orange blossom is due to its incredible complexity, its ability to reveal and enhance the many facets of a woman, to arouse different emotions, and to bring long-lost memories back to the surface.’

Bringing long-lost memories back to the surface- they really hit the nail on the spot there!

Travel Bag Haul

As it is summer I thought I would do a ‘what’s in my travel bag’ haul. I went out shopping to purchase a few extras which accompany some travel items I already know and love:

Batiste Dry Shampoo- I never use this as a substitute for shampooing but when I’m on the road and get a chance to step out of the car it’s always nice to spruce up my hair with this instead of hairspray which makes me hair even more greasy. I love Batiste and I love the floral scent of this one. Get it in the travel size and it will fit in any handbag or travel bag.

Boi-ing Concealer by Benefit- just before arriving at my destination I like to check my make-up and this just corrects any oil and smudges that may have occurred during the journey.

Liz Earle Skin Tonic- I put this in a small spritz bottle and it is the perfect way to refresh your skin on long journeys


Boi-ing Concealer Review

I have been wanting to purchase a good concealer for a while now and after doing my research I had decided that Benefit’s boi-ing concealer was the one for me. I swatched, debated and then bought this pricey concealer for £16.50. I thought that it was worth the money since I was looking for a full and lasting coverage concealer to get me through the summer to the winter months.

As you can see Benefit have continued their quirky individualistic packaging style with an equally unique name of Boi-ing. Connotations of life and vitality and I’m guessing something along the line of making a somewhat springy complexion is what Benefit have aimed for in this product.

I like how Benefit have chosen not to go down the route of pairing each shade with a cliche name, it makes it simple to pick your colour and feel confident in it. I chose the lightest colour and it is perfect, it completely blends in with the rest of my make-up and is suitable for use under foundation and as a touch up. It has a nice light texture but is a little oily for me so I use it sparingly. It has real staying power and gives my complexion a boost when I need it. Overall I am pleased with this concealer and will definitely be up on my repurchase list.

TAG! What’s in my make-up bag?

I love tag’s and was inspired to do this one by a blog I follow Cleane, Tone and Weigh In (
whereby we take a peek into each others make up bags to see what secrets are kept inside. I love the idea of this as I am always curious to see what products people adore or swear by on a daily basis. So here we go:
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