Boi-ing Concealer Review

by beautyofhistory

I have been wanting to purchase a good concealer for a while now and after doing my research I had decided that Benefit’s boi-ing concealer was the one for me. I swatched, debated and then bought this pricey concealer for £16.50. I thought that it was worth the money since I was looking for a full and lasting coverage concealer to get me through the summer to the winter months.

As you can see Benefit have continued their quirky individualistic packaging style with an equally unique name of Boi-ing. Connotations of life and vitality and I’m guessing something along the line of making a somewhat springy complexion is what Benefit have aimed for in this product.

I like how Benefit have chosen not to go down the route of pairing each shade with a cliche name, it makes it simple to pick your colour and feel confident in it. I chose the lightest colour and it is perfect, it completely blends in with the rest of my make-up and is suitable for use under foundation and as a touch up. It has a nice light texture but is a little oily for me so I use it sparingly. It has real staying power and gives my complexion a boost when I need it. Overall I am pleased with this concealer and will definitely be up on my repurchase list.