Summer Fragrance

by beautyofhistory

A summer fragrance can be as important as making a great memory. Our senses are one of the most stored and remembered memories and so I believe having a scent to your summer is essential. I have a few great fragrances but this one at least to me is unique and every time I use it I think back to great memories:

Fleur Cherie Roll on Eau de Toilette Intense by Loccitane. This for me was the scent which not only ignited my love for L’occitane but also my passion for floral fragrances. I remember receiving a hand cream in this scent free in a magazine about a year ago and as so as I moved the tube to my face I knew I had found my number one floral scent. Not only do I love this perfume for the scent by I love the size I purchased this in. All to often I purchase the spray version of a perfume and love it but realise it does not have the staying power of the intense perfume. I get so many compliments when I where this and it comes in handy when I need to pick myself up or after a hot day to freshen up.  I cannot rave enough about this perfume and I hope that I can still repurchase this in the future.

As Loccitane rightly point out there is some great history linked to this fragrance. Its beginnings in the Mediterranean have meant that the Orange blossom is considered such a beauty ritual in the same ways in which Rose is or Jasmine. A quote from Loccitane itself really reinforces why I agree that a scent can be an important memory:

‘The fragrant magic of orange blossom is due to its incredible complexity, its ability to reveal and enhance the many facets of a woman, to arouse different emotions, and to bring long-lost memories back to the surface.’

Bringing long-lost memories back to the surface- they really hit the nail on the spot there!