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Month: March, 2013

Spring Skin Routine



Even though the weather is refusing to show any signs of heating up I thought I would encourage it by talking about a spring skin routine. I chose a cleanser, foundation and a setting spray for this post as I think these three really compliment each other well


La Roche- Posay Rosaliac Micellar Make-up Removal Gel – £12.00 (Boots)

I wanted to chose both a make-up remover and a cleanser as these products can really make or break skin during the spring and summer months. Whilst the weather in England is not exactly Cannes right now I know that a simple, light and purifying cleansing gel is a nice break from a heavy winter cleanser such as my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. This cleanser can be applied with either a cotton wool pad or fingers (I prefer the latter) and can be massaged into the face and then wiped off. It removed all of my make-up and left my skin feeling extremely clean yet not tight or stripped. This particular cleanser comes from their line of skin care for redness-prone, sensitive skin which is perfect for me! I love the texture and finish it gives to the skin which makes a perfect base for product number 2!


No.7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream Normal/Dry – £12.95 (Boots)

This BB cream is a wonder worker on most skin types and even covered redness around my cheeks from acne scarring. It has a build able quality to it which means it is adaptable to my skin for when I need more or less coverage.  As with most BB creams and foundations it has an SPF of 15 making it perfect for sunny days but doesn’t leave the skin overly dewy. Because I wanted a natural looking finish I loved the fact that it leaves a very light sheen on the areas you want.


Urban Decay De Slick Oil Control Make-up Setting Spray – £19.50 (House of Fraser)

Setting your foundation is an important step for anyone looking to keep their make up looking good all day. This step could easily be skipped if you do not have particularly oily skin or are one of those lucky few whose make up magically stays put in all weathers (we know who you are 😉 ). Anyway, this setting spray is a costly but a must have step because it avoids the powdered finish most setting products give. If you want a dewy yet natural looking finish perfect for spring then this is your hero product!




The Perfect Budget Weekend Away Pamper- from Boots!


So I have just returned from a relaxing weekend away in Leicester which was much needed due to a stressful week at university. Meetings, presentations and a general hectic schedule left my body aching and in need of a pamper. Of course as a student I do not really have the funds to go for a spa day or the know- how of what to get done so I decided to do some pamper shopping of my own. Before I checked into my hotel I found a local Boots store and went in with a £10 budget to buy some mini goods which I could use in the evening before bed. I over spent by £2.79 but I think it was well worth it. Considering if I purchased all of these products in their full size form would have set me back £36.25 I think it was a bargain!I was pleasantly surprised at what I found and the value of it too! So lets jump in to what I bought!

shower gel

Champney’s Citrus Blush Mini Shower Gel (50ml) £2.50

I love, love, love this shower gel. I remember using it a few years back but couldn’t remember the name of it until I found it in Boots. A little goes a long way and it is just heavenly! I love anything citrus and this is the perfect example of a well balanced citrus shower gel, not too fruity or sweet this one is just right. Full Product £6.00.



Sanctuary Mini Spa Essentials Body Scrub (50ml) £2.50

This product has a nice zingy scent and works well as a daily body scrub, I wasn’t overly impressed but for £2.50 it worked better on my face as an exfoliator. This is great on the body to relieve stress and just generally smooths the skin. As a luxury product I thought it was well worth the purchase. Full product price is £5.50.




Champney’s Distant Shores Mini Body Butter (50ml) £2.50

This is a beautifully textured body butter with a really light and fruity scent. I love the size of the tub especially as I am not a huge fan of big thick moisturisers but this is perfect as I will probably use it up over the course of the month. I love how it sinks into the skin quickly and leaves your skin noticeably softened. Big thumbs up for this product. The full size version costs £10.


Sanctuary 5 minute Thermal Detox Mask (15ml) £3.00

This for me was my hero product of the haul. I wanted something completely different from any other mask I have ever tried and knowing the wonders of Charcoal I thought I would give it a go. It goes on warm and heats up on the skin which does feel odd at first but I promise you it does not burn. I left it on for the full five minutes whilst I sipped Rose wine in the bath and when I took it off I was amazed. It left my skin super soft and visibly clearer. I would definitely purchase this again but perhaps the full size version (£10.50) as the sachet was difficult to open.

hair mask

Natural Collection Samphire and Sea Minerals Hydrating Hair Mask (10ml) £1.00

This was my bargain of the lot, a hair mask for £1.00. I wanted to try something cheap and cheerful and I was not disappointed. Lovely texture but not too thick, smells devine! Great gift idea if you are on a budget or girls night in treat.


Simple Kind To Skin Facial Cleansing Wipes (7s) £1.29.

I do not recommend these as a luxury pampering product, I merely include them as they are what I purchased in the haul and I forgot to pack my cleanser (bad Emily). They worked well, but I do not use these on  a daily basis. Full size £3.25.