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Month: June, 2013

Garnier Summer Body – why I’m a gradual tanner convert!


So let’s face it…the weather in the UK has been totally predictable, amazing sun one day, downpour the next! So I decided that the odds of a back garden tanning extravaganza were slim this year! I have no amazing holiday abroad booked (although I’m still up for any offers to somewhere nice). I have very pale skin and a shed load of summer dresses I want to at least pretend I can get away with.

In the aisles of ASDA this beauty caught my eye. I have had terrible experiences with gradual tanners in my early teenage years (orange skin, streaks and an awful smell) so I was still sceptical of Garniers Summer Body. I had watched some YouTubers say this one was the best of the drugstore gradual tanners with a milder tanning scent, non orange colour and lasting power so I thought, why not?

I bought the deep sun kissed look as recommendations said the lighter one would not produce a noticeable tan (any agreements?). Any way, I started using it the next day and I can honestly say it started a love affair with my newly tanned skin. I started using it on my legs (as this was the place I could easily cover up if things went badly 😛 ) and moved to my arms. I have to say there is a fake tan scent but depending on your sensitivity to the smell will depend how you get on with it. I apply it after my morning shower and then my evening shower gets rid of the remaining scent without damaging the colour you develop.

I noticed a change in the colour of my skin from about the second application. This again is the deep sun kissed look and the colour can develop very dark if you apply every day. I would recommend applying every other day once you have built up a noticeable colour.

Overall, I’m converted! It sinks in to the skin well with no residue so you can put your clothes on pretty quickly! I purchased it in ASDA for £2.50 which is a bargain considering the results! Love the apricot scent and will definitely be using this all year round. Now I just need to find a good facial tanner. Any suggestions?


Surprise Loccitane Gift

There is nothing quite like being gifted a beauty product. My best friend turned up to my door today to hand back a DVD (Friends with Kids, great film) and also gave me this L’occitane Verbena Discovery Kit ! Totally what I need after a stressful few weeks of non stop revising and panicking over this exam! The Verbena line at L’occitane is definitely a fragrance for some people. As soon as your lift the top off a bottle you are hit with a wonderful sherbet and lemon scent. Perfect for summer and I will be using this the morning of my exam to kick start my day. Thank you to my wonderful friend for always being there and remembering my absolute love affair with L’occitane!

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