Summer Holiday 2016 Skin Care Plans!

Holiday 2016 Skin Care Packing


This year my boyfriend and myself have been very diligent and have booked our summer holiday a whole 5 months in advance! A shocker since I am uncharacteristically laid back when it comes to booking holidays- a self confessed avid booker! Anyway what I CANNOT leave to the last minute is planning my skincare. With luggage space at a premium I am loathed to have to scale down my usual over packing of primers, cleansers and moisturisers. However I have whittled it down to my must-have cannot leave the country without skin care. We are going to Chania, Crete which is Greek island so the weather is bound to be sunny and glorious. I am looking forward to a holiday which is both relaxing and educating. I have always wanted to visit an island city where its architectural remains highlight the different periods of rule. And what better way to learn history than to see it in person.

The current weather situation is a cloudy and rainy 4 degrees Celsius. Bring on the heat!!


Neals Yard Facial Wipes £5.50


These are a must have for me as perfect for refreshing after a long day in the sun. I would pack the facial mist however it is in a glass bottle and would be a breakage hazard! These are perfect for the plane and I will be throwing these in my beach bag!

NY Wipes


Sun Lotion/SPF


Ultra Sun Extreme (top) £20 Lip Balm (bottom) £6 and Face (middle) £20


I have to say skimping on sun lotion is not something I am okay with. Investing in a high quality long lasting SPF is going to protect from both short term and long term damage from the sun. Anti-aging starts from a good SPF!

ultra bodylipultra face

Liz Earle Travel Set £25


I am a Liz Earle advocate and have been for many years. Cleanse and Polish has transformed my skin. I also continue my skincare routine when going away as my skin does not take too kindly to change. The soothing Chamomile and Cocoa Butter will help with any of the after effects of the warmer climate.



liz earle


What are your skin care must-haves? Have you ever visited Crete?


Emily x