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Back to University Skin Care For Guys and Gals

So for many universities freshers week is upon us! Across the country we are packing up belongings, that favourite teddy bear and saying farewell to loved ones. Not for me, however, I chose to stay at home for the duration of my history degree but I know all too well the stresses of university life. What to pack? Do I really need all these pots and pans? These are the sorts of things I see littered over Facebook and Twitter. So to make life easier I thought why not get that skincare box checked for you. I know for some students skincare comprises of showergel and shampoo and maybe a spot treatment but it is very important to get this right. Your freshers week will most likely leave you with skin the texture of sandpaper and the colour of your halls carpet. So sit up and pay attention, here are some must have products to keep your skin looking its best.



A good cleanser will help remove dead skin, wash away oils and rebalance the skins natural state. For an oily and acne prone skin I would recommend going into Boots and picking up La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel For Oily Sensitive Skin (£10.21). This is perfect for leaving in the shower and is a clear gel which you can work into water on the face. It wont irritate the skin but will help prevent break outs and control any oil on the t-zone. Follow up with the moisturizer, La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (£9.75) and you will be good to go! For a tougher skin try the La Roche-Posay Physiological Ultra-Fine Cleansing Scrub (£9.70) and follow up with LA ROCHE-POSAY HYDREANE Riche (£14.30) if you have a dryer skin.



If you are the type of girl who wants a quick and simple skincare routine then I see no wrong in following the above advice for your male counterparts.  La Roch Posay is a great brand that worked wonders for my acne prone skin in first year. However, if you are a make-up wearer then you know all too well the importance of removing it before any form of face wash. There are two options for you in this case. 1. A micellar solution to remove makeup and follow on with a  creamy or clarifying wash. 2 A cream cleanser that will remove make up and also cleanse the skin. Depending on your budget, time allowance and general commitment to a skincare routine will shape the route you take. Here are some great products you can find in the aisles of Boots.

L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfection Miceallar Solution (£3.33). Apply onto a cotton pad and sweep away your makeup. Perfect for those late nights, and a great alternative to evil face wipes which can play havoc on tired skin.  Follow up with Aveeno® Positively Radiant Daily Exfoliating Cleanser (£5.99) and Aveeno® Positively Radiant Daily Skin-Brightening Moisturiser SPF15 (£9.99). These will work great for an acne prone skin but also for a normal skin too!

Option number two is using a cream cleanser to remove your make up whilst caring for your skin.  A great one is Soap & Glory™ The Ultimelt™ Deep Purifying Hot Cloth Cleanser (£6.67). This you can massage into the skin and have a real pamper session.

Hope you have an amazing time at university whether you are starting first year or going back into second or third! I also hope this has given some insight into what is out there for your skin. If in doubt have a wonder around Boots or Superdrug and see what you can find.

Byeeeee x


Garnier Summer Body – why I’m a gradual tanner convert!


So let’s face it…the weather in the UK has been totally predictable, amazing sun one day, downpour the next! So I decided that the odds of a back garden tanning extravaganza were slim this year! I have no amazing holiday abroad booked (although I’m still up for any offers to somewhere nice). I have very pale skin and a shed load of summer dresses I want to at least pretend I can get away with.

In the aisles of ASDA this beauty caught my eye. I have had terrible experiences with gradual tanners in my early teenage years (orange skin, streaks and an awful smell) so I was still sceptical of Garniers Summer Body. I had watched some YouTubers say this one was the best of the drugstore gradual tanners with a milder tanning scent, non orange colour and lasting power so I thought, why not?

I bought the deep sun kissed look as recommendations said the lighter one would not produce a noticeable tan (any agreements?). Any way, I started using it the next day and I can honestly say it started a love affair with my newly tanned skin. I started using it on my legs (as this was the place I could easily cover up if things went badly 😛 ) and moved to my arms. I have to say there is a fake tan scent but depending on your sensitivity to the smell will depend how you get on with it. I apply it after my morning shower and then my evening shower gets rid of the remaining scent without damaging the colour you develop.

I noticed a change in the colour of my skin from about the second application. This again is the deep sun kissed look and the colour can develop very dark if you apply every day. I would recommend applying every other day once you have built up a noticeable colour.

Overall, I’m converted! It sinks in to the skin well with no residue so you can put your clothes on pretty quickly! I purchased it in ASDA for £2.50 which is a bargain considering the results! Love the apricot scent and will definitely be using this all year round. Now I just need to find a good facial tanner. Any suggestions?

Revlon Nearly Naked First Impressions

I have resisted temptation as I sit here eager to open this gorgeous new foundation. I have just purchased Revlon’s Nearly Naked Foundation which hit the stores earlier this year. It claims to have buildable coverage which is light and fresh leaving a ‘no makeup makeup’ look! Perfect!

I’m going to be using the remnants of my Embryolisse cream as a base and work it in with my Real Techniques stippling brush. I like to leave my moisturiser to set on my face for a little while before I apply my foundation so in the meantime I shall listen to this beautiful cover of ‘I want it that way’ by Landon Austin and Julia Sheer:

The Application

I’ve swapped my brush to a Real Techniques expert face brush just because I feel that brush has blended the product in better. I have to say the coverage is impressive but will need the extra work of a concealer in some areas. This foundation also smells pretty good! But be warned, if you’re used to any other Revlon foundations being a thicker consistency be aware this one is very liquidy! When I swatched this in Superdrug I spilt about 5 applications worth on the back of my hand!

I have chosen to team this up with my NARS Laguna Bronzer and it is the perfect compliment to the foundation. You could use the Bourjois Bronzer if you are on a budget!


The Verdict

Love it! Definitely a day time foundation as the coverage is on the lighter side of medium coverage for me. Perfect if you were going for a lunch date as it is really natural coverage but the staying power is there if you need it!


Gold Star Revlon. A company that started in 1932 with a nail enamel has certainly developed in leaps and bounds!



Spring Skin Routine



Even though the weather is refusing to show any signs of heating up I thought I would encourage it by talking about a spring skin routine. I chose a cleanser, foundation and a setting spray for this post as I think these three really compliment each other well


La Roche- Posay Rosaliac Micellar Make-up Removal Gel – £12.00 (Boots)

I wanted to chose both a make-up remover and a cleanser as these products can really make or break skin during the spring and summer months. Whilst the weather in England is not exactly Cannes right now I know that a simple, light and purifying cleansing gel is a nice break from a heavy winter cleanser such as my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. This cleanser can be applied with either a cotton wool pad or fingers (I prefer the latter) and can be massaged into the face and then wiped off. It removed all of my make-up and left my skin feeling extremely clean yet not tight or stripped. This particular cleanser comes from their line of skin care for redness-prone, sensitive skin which is perfect for me! I love the texture and finish it gives to the skin which makes a perfect base for product number 2!


No.7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream Normal/Dry – £12.95 (Boots)

This BB cream is a wonder worker on most skin types and even covered redness around my cheeks from acne scarring. It has a build able quality to it which means it is adaptable to my skin for when I need more or less coverage.  As with most BB creams and foundations it has an SPF of 15 making it perfect for sunny days but doesn’t leave the skin overly dewy. Because I wanted a natural looking finish I loved the fact that it leaves a very light sheen on the areas you want.


Urban Decay De Slick Oil Control Make-up Setting Spray – £19.50 (House of Fraser)

Setting your foundation is an important step for anyone looking to keep their make up looking good all day. This step could easily be skipped if you do not have particularly oily skin or are one of those lucky few whose make up magically stays put in all weathers (we know who you are 😉 ). Anyway, this setting spray is a costly but a must have step because it avoids the powdered finish most setting products give. If you want a dewy yet natural looking finish perfect for spring then this is your hero product!



New Years Eve Beauty Must Haves


It’s that time of year again where we all want to look our best whether going out or seeing family and friends. So here are my must have beauty products to ensure you look your best!

Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme Foundation

This foundation is incredible at transforming your complexion and making your skin glow whilst also including great moisuturisation which for the winter months is essential. Wear with your favourite primer and you will have a lasting complexion which wont look shiny in photo graphs.

John Frieda Liquid Shine Perfecting Gloss

I received this as part of a gift for Christmas and have been really impressed by it. Unlike other glosses which are sticky and can weigh your hair down this is incredibly light and has a fantastic coconut scent. I use it when my hair is still wet and when I curl my hair it keeps it looking soft yet shiny. Perfect for new years eve when you want your hair to look its best.

Real Techniques Brushes

I cannot emphasise enough how great these brushes are. They are make-up artist quality with a normal price tag. I have here the expert face brush which has the orange/bronze middle and is great for foundation or setting powder and I have the stippling brush which is also great for foundation but probably more appropriate for a tinted moisturiser. Get these from Boots and these will make your foundation look flawless.

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner and Lipstick Review

I have always been a fan of the Max Factor Masterpiece Glide & Define Liquid Eye Liner because of how easy it was to use and that it was an all in one product. However, I thought I would try a gel eyeliner for  a change and try Maybelline’s as I have heard great things about it. Firstly, I was really happy with the way it was packaged in a box and that the product itself comes in a durable opaque glass bottle. It gives it quite a high end look even though it only costs around £7.99. The brush is perfect and with a little practice I was able to achieve the same winged look I got from the Max Factor eye liner. It has great staying power which is a must for me as I have oily eye lids.

As Boots were having a deal on where you can buy any 2 products for £10 I decided to get a lipstick for Autumn and I chose the most aptly named one they do- Autumn Rose. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Rose, in both colour and scent form! This has a really nice moisturising property to it and lasts a good amount of time.