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Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré


I have been wanting to try out this highly recommended moisturiser for a little while now. All the top YouTube vloggers like Tanya Burr and the beauty team that is Pixiwoo use it frequently in the new DailyMix channel.

So what is it?

A French skin care brand which began it’s life in Paris during the 1950s and has spread like wildfire more recently across Europe and internationally. This moisturiser is often regarded as one of the secrets of make-up artists. Models like Ruth Crilly swear by it! It is an effective moisturiser which has high tolerance, an important characteristic for most skin types! It sinks into the skin beautifully and is the perfect combination of highly moisturising and non greasy.

Priced at £16.50 you can purchase it either online or visit what I believe is the only place in London which stocks it and as of writing this has plenty in stock- ScreenFace in Covent Garden.

I love this moisturiser, it will forever remain in my beauty regime because it makes a huge difference in such a short amount of time.


New Years Eve Beauty Must Haves


It’s that time of year again where we all want to look our best whether going out or seeing family and friends. So here are my must have beauty products to ensure you look your best!

Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme Foundation

This foundation is incredible at transforming your complexion and making your skin glow whilst also including great moisuturisation which for the winter months is essential. Wear with your favourite primer and you will have a lasting complexion which wont look shiny in photo graphs.

John Frieda Liquid Shine Perfecting Gloss

I received this as part of a gift for Christmas and have been really impressed by it. Unlike other glosses which are sticky and can weigh your hair down this is incredibly light and has a fantastic coconut scent. I use it when my hair is still wet and when I curl my hair it keeps it looking soft yet shiny. Perfect for new years eve when you want your hair to look its best.

Real Techniques Brushes

I cannot emphasise enough how great these brushes are. They are make-up artist quality with a normal price tag. I have here the expert face brush which has the orange/bronze middle and is great for foundation or setting powder and I have the stippling brush which is also great for foundation but probably more appropriate for a tinted moisturiser. Get these from Boots and these will make your foundation look flawless.

Back to University Haul, MAC, Liz Earle, Nivea

So I took a shopping trip to Westfield in Stratford a little while back with two of my best friends and we had a blast. I took full advantage of the fact that Westfield has a MAC store and a Forever 21 and many other stores which just are not near where I live in Suffolk or indeed East Anglia as a whole! So I decided to make my first ever MAC  purchase and went for a product I have heard fantastic things about which is their Cleanse Off Oil and oh my goodness do I LOVE IT! To be honest when I had my first try of it at home I was worried I made a bad purchase as I applied it with a cotton pad directly to my eye and it made my vision blurry! But the next time I used it I applied it with my fingers and massaged it gently around my eyes and I had no problem. I literally melts away my make-up and has a really light scent to it which I love. Overall I am really happy with this product as I want to cut down the amount of Liz Earle I am using purely to remove make up. I want to max out the use of that cleanser so I thought by buying MAC Cleanse Off Oil I would be able to switch between the two, and so far so good!

I made a repurchase at John Lewis of the Liz Earle skin tonic, it is a firm favourite of mine and whenever I get the chance to stock up I do! This toner will be great for Autumn/Winter as stress from another year at university will probably take its toll on my skin as well as changing weather and central heating in the house!

Before me and my besto’s left the mall we got a tonne of free Nivea samples from their new range of products. We got a picture taken too from their pod cameras and were handed goodie bags-  WIN! Inside I got three samples of their firming body oil which is AMAZING! I love the idea of an oil for my skin as I have used oils of my face before and reaped the benefits!

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner and Lipstick Review

I have always been a fan of the Max Factor Masterpiece Glide & Define Liquid Eye Liner because of how easy it was to use and that it was an all in one product. However, I thought I would try a gel eyeliner for  a change and try Maybelline’s as I have heard great things about it. Firstly, I was really happy with the way it was packaged in a box and that the product itself comes in a durable opaque glass bottle. It gives it quite a high end look even though it only costs around £7.99. The brush is perfect and with a little practice I was able to achieve the same winged look I got from the Max Factor eye liner. It has great staying power which is a must for me as I have oily eye lids.

As Boots were having a deal on where you can buy any 2 products for £10 I decided to get a lipstick for Autumn and I chose the most aptly named one they do- Autumn Rose. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Rose, in both colour and scent form! This has a really nice moisturising property to it and lasts a good amount of time.

August Favourites

So, August has officially ended and it is now September- where has the time gone? Soon Autumn will be settling in and it will be time to say goodbyes to my summer favourite products.  So here are my favourite products of August:

Bare Minerals foundation- when going out during the day this is a super light foundation which stays put but also has great coverage. I also use this when my skin is acting up and want to prevent any heavy foundation from settling in.

As you can tell, I’ve used this eye shadow A LOT!

17 Yeah Baby Eye Shadow (Vintage) – I got this years ago from Boots and have kept it ever since because it is the most gorgeous Champagne Gold colour and is pretty pigmented too. It gives a beautiful glow over the eyes and literally makes them ‘pop’. It’s a colour I only really use in summer but now I think of it, it totally could transfer to Autumn/Winter too. I team this with another eye shadow trio I got from Boots.  I use the darkest colour on this mini pallet and blend it into the crease of my eye with a fluffy brush.

This has a really nice thick consistency but absorbs into the skin surprisingly well

Heathcote and Ivory Vintage Hand Cream- this smells amazing! I bought this from a small shop in Monks Eleigh which is a small village in Suffolk. I also bought one for a friend too as I couldn’t resit! It has a wonderful Rose sent but unlike a lot of Rose scented creams it also has a real nourishing aspect to it. As it contains Shea Butter (my hero ingredient) it teams together both scent and practicality. I love the bottle and will be taking this all the way through to Autumn/Winter 2012 because of the fact it has Shea Butter. Although I love my L’occitane Shea Butter cream I find that it is definitely more of an Autumn/Winter hand cream whereas this one totally works for Summer.


Sorry for the delay in this post, computer troubles have rendered me blogless!

Honey, possibly one of the oldest and most adored, valued and used sweet foods in history. It pre-dates human existence and the humble bee is an adored insect. Its uses in beauty are also significant as the recipe for a clarifying mask will demonstrate below.


To make a quick and effective mask simply add two tablespoons of honey to approximately one and half tablespoons of brown sugar. Simply mix and apply onto a clean face. Alternatively, if you do not like masks you can always use this as a scrub!

Summer Fragrance

A summer fragrance can be as important as making a great memory. Our senses are one of the most stored and remembered memories and so I believe having a scent to your summer is essential. I have a few great fragrances but this one at least to me is unique and every time I use it I think back to great memories:

Fleur Cherie Roll on Eau de Toilette Intense by Loccitane. This for me was the scent which not only ignited my love for L’occitane but also my passion for floral fragrances. I remember receiving a hand cream in this scent free in a magazine about a year ago and as so as I moved the tube to my face I knew I had found my number one floral scent. Not only do I love this perfume for the scent by I love the size I purchased this in. All to often I purchase the spray version of a perfume and love it but realise it does not have the staying power of the intense perfume. I get so many compliments when I where this and it comes in handy when I need to pick myself up or after a hot day to freshen up.  I cannot rave enough about this perfume and I hope that I can still repurchase this in the future.

As Loccitane rightly point out there is some great history linked to this fragrance. Its beginnings in the Mediterranean have meant that the Orange blossom is considered such a beauty ritual in the same ways in which Rose is or Jasmine. A quote from Loccitane itself really reinforces why I agree that a scent can be an important memory:

‘The fragrant magic of orange blossom is due to its incredible complexity, its ability to reveal and enhance the many facets of a woman, to arouse different emotions, and to bring long-lost memories back to the surface.’

Bringing long-lost memories back to the surface- they really hit the nail on the spot there!

Travel Bag Haul

As it is summer I thought I would do a ‘what’s in my travel bag’ haul. I went out shopping to purchase a few extras which accompany some travel items I already know and love:

Batiste Dry Shampoo- I never use this as a substitute for shampooing but when I’m on the road and get a chance to step out of the car it’s always nice to spruce up my hair with this instead of hairspray which makes me hair even more greasy. I love Batiste and I love the floral scent of this one. Get it in the travel size and it will fit in any handbag or travel bag.

Boi-ing Concealer by Benefit- just before arriving at my destination I like to check my make-up and this just corrects any oil and smudges that may have occurred during the journey.

Liz Earle Skin Tonic- I put this in a small spritz bottle and it is the perfect way to refresh your skin on long journeys


Boi-ing Concealer Review

I have been wanting to purchase a good concealer for a while now and after doing my research I had decided that Benefit’s boi-ing concealer was the one for me. I swatched, debated and then bought this pricey concealer for £16.50. I thought that it was worth the money since I was looking for a full and lasting coverage concealer to get me through the summer to the winter months.

As you can see Benefit have continued their quirky individualistic packaging style with an equally unique name of Boi-ing. Connotations of life and vitality and I’m guessing something along the line of making a somewhat springy complexion is what Benefit have aimed for in this product.

I like how Benefit have chosen not to go down the route of pairing each shade with a cliche name, it makes it simple to pick your colour and feel confident in it. I chose the lightest colour and it is perfect, it completely blends in with the rest of my make-up and is suitable for use under foundation and as a touch up. It has a nice light texture but is a little oily for me so I use it sparingly. It has real staying power and gives my complexion a boost when I need it. Overall I am pleased with this concealer and will definitely be up on my repurchase list.

TAG! What’s in my make-up bag?

I love tag’s and was inspired to do this one by a blog I follow Cleane, Tone and Weigh In (
whereby we take a peek into each others make up bags to see what secrets are kept inside. I love the idea of this as I am always curious to see what products people adore or swear by on a daily basis. So here we go:
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